Schemes of Fisheries Department



A number of welfare schemes for development of fisheries are implemented in the State, under which technical guidance and financial support is provided to fishermen of all sections with the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe farmers. Details of which are as under:-



Schemes under Blue revolution


1. Establishment of Circular hatchery

2. Cage culture in reservoirs

3. construction of new ponds/ tanks on their own land of farmer for fish culture. –under blue revolution.

4. Assistance of fingerlings stockings in Reservoirs.

5. Aerator Provide in Rural Tank.

6. Establishment of Fish seed rearing unit.

7. Establishment of fish storage facilities

8. Motor cycle with Ice Box.

9. Establishment of Kiosk/ retail fish market.

10. Renovation of ponds and tanks.

11. Pond Culture.

12. Saving cum relief

13. Cycle with Ice Box

14. Auto ricksaw with Ice box.

15. Insulated truck. 



Schemes of The State:


Centrally Sponsored Schemes:


Center Area Plan:


World Bank Funded Scheme: